Monday, November 3, 2008


It seems I have been extremely negligent about keeping my blog current. So here's my update since the last entry.
My parents have moved from Southern California to live with Kevin and I. We are very happy that they are here. Unfortunately mom is facing surgery tomorrow for her deteriorating neck. She will have surgery that strenthens her neck and reduces her pain. I am hoping that she will be the vivacious, energetic lady we have always known.
Kevin has been working for a local men's homeless shelter for the last six months. He is the evening program coordinator there. It has been interesting because many of my students live in poverty and we have served some of the same people in our programs. It is so gratifying for us to both be serving the needy in our city. Even though my primary responsibility is to teach, I have had the priviledge of mentoring as well. This gives me great joy.

Sarah has just moved here permanently from Southern California. She has only been here a week but loves the area already. She is happily anticipating winter as she has never experienced living in a place that has a "real" winter. She is currently looking for work here and is expecting to be hired by someone soon. She will be such a great asset to anyone who chooses her as an employee.
Some of our biggest news is that Matthew and Amanda are expecting their first child. His name is Daniel James and is expected around December 10th. We are exited as we can be. Kevin has been rocking pretend babies in his arms and thinking up stories to tell and games to play when Daniel gets a little older. I cannot wait to wear the awesome title of grandma! This is the 10th great grandchild to my parents.

Matthew is currently serving us all in Iraq. He left in mid July and it was really tough for all of us. We pray for him every day and miss him terribly. He should be back at his homebase in November of next year. In the meantime, he is very busy working seven days a week with very long missions.

As summer has turned deep into fall we are enjoying our walks immensely. It is so much fun to go to the forest at this time of year as it is less crowded with visitors and so magnificent in color. The cooler temperature lends itself to my preferences. We are not able to get out as much because our schedule often conflicts, but when we do, it's glorious!

This is a picture that Sarah took (last fall) near the dog park.

My coworker, Barry, has inspired me to be more diligent in keeping up my blog by having such a great blog himself. ( He also includes beautiful pictures from his everyday life that urge me to document in photos more of my own life.

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