Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So Many Changes

First let me apologize for not updating my blog sooner. There has frankly so much going on in our lives that the time just escaped me. My parents spent the summer in Spokane after I picked them up and drove them up here, reversing that at the end of summer. I worked at a local community center for the colleges teaching GED to high risk teens. It was a great summer with these kids and it is a priviledge to serve them.

The biggest news I have is that Matthew did indeed complete his (Basic) training at Fort Benning, Georgia. Kevin and I were able to travel there for family day and graduation.

He then went to Fort Lenordwood, Missouri for his AIT (advanced training). He went back to Riverside on leave for almost a month and spent about 6 days with us. We were grateful for the time with him.

He is now in Alaska preparing for deployment in January to the middle east. We covet any prayers said on his behalf. We are so proud of him and this experience has been very good for him. He has been challenged and met the challenge. Way to go Matt!

Sarah is in the process of looking into film schools and considering moving to her friend Diego to New York late next year. This is a very exciting time as she considers her options.

During the few days Matt was with us, Sarah also came up. This is the first time we were together as a family in a year and a half. While we were together we enjoyed going out to eat, walking downtown and late night bowling. We really enjoyed each other's company. We also had the opportunity to take some pictures together. . . so here are some from that day!

As for me, I have exciting news about my pursuit to teach students about wildlife conservation! It turns out there is a wildlife refuge 25 miles from our house and I will begin volunteering there soon. The refuge has a variety of large mammals including moose, elk, cougar, cyote, porqupine, and river otter. They have a wonderful, large classroom with many of these animals on display. I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life! I will definately keep you updated.