Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cemetary Madness at 50 years, 1 day

So last night Sunday my friend, Dana, and I are up at the local cemetary to take pictures for her history class. It was a beautiful night and we were having a great time. We got to the opposite side of the cemetary from where we parked and this car drove by us. The three people in it were laughing hysterically, which seemed odd considering the setting. When we returned to my truck, we had found they broke the passenger window out with part of a headstone from the cemetary. They took my wallet along with my credit cards and all of my b-day cash ($120.00). Dana's phone was also taken. I was really ticked. We went to the caretakers house to borrow the phone, but he was more deaf than my father and told us we shouldn't have parked there anyway. So we went home, reported it to the police and started phoning my credit card companies. I started with my Visa as it had the largest credit limit. The man on the phone said in the last half hour it had been used at a grill ($34) and at Northern Quest Casino ($214). Dana immediately called Northern Quest Casino and told them there was someone there using my stolen credit card. The cage manager pulled the transaction, security pulled the video for the time of the transaction and ta-da. . . they had a picture which they distributed among the 9 tribal police that were scouting the casino. A little over an hour after my wallet was stolen, they had the woman from the car in custody. She ratted out her little, pathetic friends and the driver was also apprehended. The theft was in the county sheriff's jurisdiction, but the use of the credit cards was on federal tribal land. She faces 5 felony counts of possession of stolen property, one count of felony forgery, and auto prowling. There may be other challenges as well. I don't know about the charges for the driver. I'm out the b-day money, but I must admit it feels good to see justice prevail. At least I have a story about turning 50!