Friday, January 8, 2010

Cat Burgler caught taking Dog Nap!!!

Today we made the news. Only you wouldn't know it was about anything connected to us. It would seem this morning when our alarm company called at 4:50 am, they reported to us that someone had broken into our house through the back door. My husband immediately got up and checked the house, but it was locked up tight and we uneasily went back to sleep. Fast forward to 8:30 am when our tenents to our Augusta home called. The alarm company call was not for the house we are currently living in, but it was for our rental. Unfortunately, this possibility did not even occur to me.

When the tenents went downstairs to start their day, they found a homeless man in the mudroom curled up with a space heater. That's not the best part of the story, however.

As it turns out, the man broke the window in the door and helped himself to a warmer spot. The hilarious part is that our tenent's dog, Moose, didn't bark, didn't fuss, and in fact, curled up with the man and went back to sleep. Okay, so Moose is not the iconic watch dog, but he is a love. We are just so happy that nothing bad happened to our renters or Moose. It seems the man just wanted a warm place to sleep. Add to this the irony that Kevin works at the local men's homeless shelter. The shelter is also keeping the warming center open all night in addition to the sleeping program so that they will not have to turn anyone away! Guess our visitor didn't get that 411. (Instead he got a 911!)

We love our Moose!!!

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