Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One Month to Live

One Month to Live. Thirty days to a No-Regrets Life.
This is a current series that Joe Witwer, our pastor at Life Center, is using for the basis of his sermons. "Consider how your perspective would change if you found out you had just thirty days to live. After the initial shock, you'd probably resolve to squeeze all you could from the days that remain." This series, based on the book written by Kerry and Chris Shook, promotes living every day as God intended. There are four principles that are shared:
1. LIVE PASSIONATELY: living each day as if it were you last.
2. LOVE COMPLETELY: showing others love that transcends & transforms
3. LEARN HUMBLY: growing through our problems and pain
4. LEAVE BOLDLY: creating a legacy that will impact generations
Chapter one speaks of "Living the Dash." When walking through a cemetary, looking at the headstones, they all have three things in common: two dates and dash. The dates we have no control over, however, the dash is within our control. We are all dealt certain cards in which we have no control, place of birth, time of birth, culture etc, BUT, there is much we can control. I would encourage all of my friends and family to read this book and reflect on what we each might do differently if it were our last thirty days.

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Connie Mersereau said...

Can't wait...thanks for the recommendation...This is how I want to live my life! :o)