Friday, January 26, 2007

What am I up to now?

I took several months to shift my thinking from zoo educator to being open to whatever opportunity was to come my way. I know that I love to teach, so that was a sure thing. I really reflected on what I wanted. The most important single quality of the work I seek is that it has to contribute to the world in a special way, to have a real influence in empowering people to do the things the things they have always dreamed of, and to realize a sense of both within me. I did a lot of soul searching and decided I would keep my mind open about the possibilities.

In November, an unusual opportunity presented itself. I applied for the job of teaching GED to inmates at a correctional facility. Again, I tried to make no assumptions, as I had never been in this environment, let alone work and teach there. I had an interview that included teaching a lesson. I was impressed with the facility as the state requires all inmates without a GED or high school diploma to pursue one while incarcerated. I didn't know what chances I had, but I stayed open to the possibility of this job. After two weeks, I was offered a position part time there.

I have since started and have found this venue very rewarding. These are people who are in the unique position to have their lives stopped and forced into a situation where they have the opportunity to have a single focus of reflection. I have found many of them very receptive to learning new things and dialoguing about their lives and where they went wrong. It's a bizarre place to work for sure, but it's a wonderful opportunity for me to make a huge difference in people's lives.

It turns out that simultaneously, I became eligible for a full time position teaching cardiac ultrasound (my first career) at the community college. (In my present position, I am actually a community college instructor within the same system.) I will not interview for this position until the sixth of February, so I am preparing for this interview. My current boss even hired me knowing that I was up for this position. Talk about miracles!

There will certainly be updates on this matter.

As far as my home life, we made a little addition in August when I stopped attending zoo school. Our little dog is named Joey. He is one half yorkie and the other half is sitzu/chi. This is a picture of him after his first snow. He loves the snow and its so much fun to watch him. He is a good boy and goes to dog school off and on. So far he knows how to sit, down (lay), stand, speak, say please (up on hind legs with front legs pumping up and down), and "leave it." This is where he will leave a treat alone until invited to get it. He will also stop at each corner and sit before we tell him "okay" to cross the street. Adorable.

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